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P-Adic Quantum Cognition: How We Think

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Can advanced mathematics model the mind's inner workings? Yes, according to Digital Mind Math, the book from author Robert Paster. The MIT and Harvard graduate has studied theories of quantum physics related to cognition for more than 20 years, and now he has applied that knowledge to Digital Mind Math, the innovative framework that mathematically models the way we think.

Digital Mind Math

Some physicists think that "Big Science" has kidnapped physics and left the mind and consciousness behind. Robert Paster's book
New Physics and the Mind tells these radical physicists' stories—why the mind belongs in physics, and how recent discoveries in particle physics and cosmology combine with mind physics to produce a new scientific agenda for the twenty-first century.

New Physics and the Mind

Step-by-step mathematical model
of the mind's organization and operation

About the Author of Digital Mind Math

Robert Paster is a mathematician, teacher, and software engineer, with a degree in mathematics from MIT and a degree in education from Harvard. For 30 years, he has been exercising his curiosity about the mysteries surrounding modern physics, since his early coursework on relativity. Robert has written Digital Mind Math and its companion New Physics and the Mind , which are discussions of Topological Geometrodynamics, Finnish physicist Matti Pitkänen's radical theory of quantum physics, general relativity, biophysics, and cognition.

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